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LYO 2012-2013 begins Sunday, September 23rd. At 9 am there will be a special youth worship with praise band from St. John Zion. Coffee hour follows, come and serve! At 11 am there will be an LYO pizza party for all those present. Election of officers and planning activities for the year will be discussed. Come and bring a friend or two or three.

Coffee Time Bringers:

Upcoming Events:

LYO Picnic - October 28

2012 - 2013 LYO Officers

President: Molly Dhondt
Vice President: Michaela Hansen
Treasurer: Tony Symonds
Secretary: Josi Fjone
Youth Council Reps.: Michaela Hansen & Josi Fjone

Remember…All High school students are considered members of LYO…Watch the upcoming newsletters for more info!

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