Potluck and Auction at St. Peter

pastor rhea The congregations of St. Peter and St. Paul held a potluck to welcome our new pastor, Pastor Rhea Evanson. The following table of pictures is from that potluck dinner after our joint worship service. The next set of pictures are from the auction held Septermber 25th to help raise money for our new upholstery on our pews. We raised over $5000. Hats off to everyone who helped.

potluck1 potluck2 potluck3
potluck3 potluck5 potluck6
potluck7 potluck8 potluck9
potluck11 potluck12 potluck13
potluck14 potluck15 potluck16
potluck17 potluck17 potluck19

auction1 auction2 auction3
auction4 Our Auction
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