St. Paul Lutheran Church

Thornton, Iowa

Church News

                                       President:               Bill Caspers                              
                                       Organists:               Jane Christianson             641-998-2150

ST. PETER @ 9:00 AM
ST. PAUL @ 10:30 AM
St. Peter and St. Paul office number and Parish hall phone: 641-822-3101
Christy's Cell # is 641-430-1041
Pastor's cell phone: 641-420-5604
Sunday Worship available on You tube at St. Peters Lutheran Church, Rockwell IA.
WiFi Access: in the Chancel, or Main church: StPeter1, guest password-Worship16. In the Fellowship Hall & Lounge: StPeter2, guest password-ParishHall16

Please Pray for: Donna Kruckenberg, Audrey Laudner, Joe Sturges, Marlene Struchen, Renee Dahlen, Emersyn Brown, Mike Demory. Please remember to keep all our homebound in your prayers, they miss being part of the life of the faith community. 

St. Peter and St. Paul will be holding a joint council meeting on January 9th at 5:30P at St. Peter.

For those of  you that have information for the annual meetings for both St. Peter and St. Paul, I need that information no later than Saturday, January 12 for your information to be in the hadnbook. Thank you, Christy

Council discussed a policy for deciding if  Church
will be held due to inclement weather. On days with weather is an ssue, the president of the council will contact and discuss the weather with the pastor, then with St. Paul's president. If cancelled, the announcement will be aired on KIMT-TV.

The church council would like to thank those who have generously offered to serve our congregation on the call committee. Those members are: Mike Flatness, Ken Meyer, Matthew Fjone, Collin Witte, Mike Echelberger, Jenn Butler, Josie Baxter, Jo Thomas, Sarah Kobliska and Mary Etta Miller. Pastor Steve Brackett from the Northeastern Iowa Synod will be meeting with this newly formed call committee, along with church council members on January 9, 2019 at 5:30. This will be the kick-off to the call process. He'll be giving assistance to getting the process started, which will begin with analyzing the data from our recent congregational survey.

Fellowship games will meet on the second Wednesday, January 9th and on the fourth Wednesday, January 23rd. If attending start time is at 7P at the Middle School in the big gym in Rockwell.

2019 Scholarship Applications will be available on the bulletin board in the Narthex or online at All applications need to be sent to the church by January 31, 2019.

Please send all announcements to St. Peter's email Also, the answering service has been restored to the church office phone once again. Please call the church office phone number @ 641-822-3101 to leave any messages you may have. I am at the church most nights for 4-7P. Sending an email is the best way to get a message to me. Thank you, Christy

The Franklin County Food Bank at Zion St. John in Sheffield on the first and third Thursdays of the Month at 4P: The moblie site will become a permanent site, thanks to sponsorship by Jaspersen Insurance. Food from both St. Paul and St. Peter, along with the pork, may be brought once, or twice, a month. Thank you to Bill and Mary Ellen Nelsen who will spear head seeing that the food is delivered. They will also be asking for volunteers to help out.

The Church Secretary is in the office on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons between 4 and 6. If you need anything please call her cell # 641-430-1041. Articles for the February Newsletter are due by Friday, January 18th.
3      Samantha McGuire
16    Bret Lage
26    Terry Meyer
29    Ed Caspers
30    Bob Carlson


  • St. Paul Usher Schedule for 2019:   February - Jon Caspers, March - Eugene Christianson, April - Dave Vestweber, May - Willard Krabbe, June - Bret Lage, July - Bill Caspers, August - Ed Caspers, September - Daryl Bucholtz, October - Chuck Schaefer, November - Bob Carlson, December - Darwin Meinders
  • Usher Duties: Unlock doors at least 30 minutes prior to service, turn on speaker system, check thermostat before and after service, check lights and candles, post hymn numbers, ready offering plates, count attendance and mark on calendar, check on monthly ushers, usher funerals and special services, lock all doors after services.
  • Annual Church Congregational meeting will be Sunday, January 20th after church services.
  • Remember to continue their donations to Francis Lauer Youth Center. The Essential Needs List is posted on the church bulletin board. 
  • The Hawkeye Harvest Food Bank continues to meet the needs of those that can't afford grocery shopping but is having a hard time keeping up with the demand. We will be collecting food for the food bank the next few weeks. Nonperishable food items can be put in the collection bin in the narthex. We have delivered another 41 pounds. The need continues so deliveries will continue to be made as long as you keep giving - so keep "filling the pot"!

Pastoral Acts
"In Christ shall all be made alive" 1 Corinthians 15:22
Amelia Rose Caspers, July 8, 2018, daughter of Charli & Brian Caspers
Eden Pilar Fitzgerald, Dec. 23, 2018, daughter of Erika & Robert Fitzgerald
Avonnell Louise Fitzgerald, Dec. 23, 2018, daughter of Erika & Robert Fitzgerald
Mary Jane Rawson, funeral & burial on Saturday, January 6, 2018
Corinne Mikkelsen, funeral on Thursday, June 21, 2018
Ann Marie Nielsen, funeral and burial on Wednesday, June 27, 2018
Darlene M (Nicolet) Wonsmos, funeral on Thursday, October 4, 2018
United in Marriage
New members
Edison Caspers

The pictures here show the church at Thornton and also showcase some of the sites in the town itself.

Thornton, Iowa is located in the southern part of Cerro Gordo County. It is located one mile west of  Interstate 35  at exit 180 or about halfway between Minneapolis-St, Paul and Des Moines. Thornton's land area is 1.2 square miles. According to the 2000 census there were 422 people living in Thornton. There were 183 households and 124 families. The median household income is $43,273. Ther per capita income is $22,192. Thornton is home to the following: livrary, comunity center, two parks, fire and EMT protection, post office, bank, Pleasant Valley Golf Course, gas station and convenience store, restaurants, insurance and real estate agency, accounting, auction house, and several other businesses. Thornton has three churches: St. Paul Evangelical Lutheran Church, United Methodist Church, and Richland Lutheran Church. For additional information, map, and pictures about Thornton go to

thornton-church thornton-stained-glass thornton-altar
thornton-sanctuary thornton-basemant-dining-ha thornton-kitchen
thornton-afterchurch thornton-community-entrance thornton-convenience-store
thornton-fire-station thorntongolfcourse thornton-ingebretsen-park
thornton-main-street thornton-north-iowa-coop thornton-pleasant-view-ceme
thornton-small-businesses thorntonveterans-memorial thorntonwelcomesign

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